Benchtop ShavingsHello,

My name is Paul Hanley. I work and live in Texas. I spent some time in other locales thanks to Uncle Sam, who generously turned many taxpayer dollars into an education in electronic warfare, but I was able to return here and I now live under the warm Texas sun.

I am a father, grandfather, husband, a veteran firefighter/paramedic, and have been a Furniture and Custom Cabinet Maker for more than 20 years.

This space is an effort to share my thoughts on reproducing American furniture, the need to work with my hands, and the stewardship of raw materials.  I hope to share what I have learned, to show what I have done, and to connect with other craftsman. This will give me a central place to point to the next time I get asked, “do you have any pictures?”

I work in a small workshop, producing a few pieces at a time.  Trying to document my projects will be a new part of the ‘process’ for me and I hope to bring you all into the shop with me.  Please look through the photos and stories I have shared and follow along with me as I continue my journey…


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