A recent injury due to a mix of gravity and my inability to fly has me thinking about things I would rather be doing…
While the scars heal and sutured tendons strengthen, this process of months of rehab requires that I stay away from lifting anything and leaves me with idle hands and the need to create something.  (does a blog count?)
I am, among other things, a furniture maker and American History ‘geek’.  I reproduce and adapt furniture pieces from the American past, using locally sourced hardwood with designs adapted, when necessary, to fit today’s homes, lifestyles, or “that little spot next to the door”.
To my mind, the most amazing furniture was designed and made during America’s past, especially during the 18th and early 19th century. From the dawn of the 18th century with William and Mary, then the graceful curves of Queen Anne, straight through the next 100 years to the Shakers, these are the designs that ‘swirl around’ in my head anytime someone asks, “Can you make me a ____ that will fit here?”
I have a love affair with every piece I create. I know every curve and the fit of every mating surface. When it leaves my little space, I hope that it lives on long beyond me and does honor not only to my name upon it, but to the tree that it once was.  
…and yet, here I sit. …healing …waiting.          …and I need to make something.